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render's Journal

5 June 1975
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I grew up in Northern Ireland (famous for our hospitality and terrorists). When I was old enough I moved away. Can't imagine why. Unless it had something to with the bombs... yes it was probably the bombs.

When I was a fresh faced 18year old I arrived in Glasgow (it's in Scotland. Just outside London. Near Paris.)

Now I was in Glasgow under the pretext of studying at university there. I used this cunning disguise to spend an inordinate amount of time drinking and having strange conversations with folk I met. (incidentaly I still meet these folk and we still have strange conversations. Somethings do stay with you...)

After four years the university claimed I had passed to get rid of me and I moved to Edinburgh (also in Scotland.... Just North West of Rome)

Why did I move to Edinburgh? Well essentially because there were a higher proportion of companies willing to pay me... It wasn't that hard a choice in the end.

The down side of course was that I left many of my friends behind in Glasgow. I assumed that they'd eventually take the same migratory path as me. Four years later and the bastards have left me here to rot while they live it up in the West of the Country.

Some folk eh?

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